Thoughts on ghcide


I got it working in neovim and it’s a surprisingly nice experience. Has anyone else tried it out?


I’ve read about it, but already had haskell-ide-engine configured, with neovim as well.

I wonder what is the difference between haskell-ide-engine and ghcide?

I could only find that haskell-ide-engine depends on some of ghcide related packages, but I wasn’t able to find any informations on differences and future development plans…


AFAIK ghcide was previously known as haskell-ide-engine.

Note: ghcide was previously called hie-core .

And hie stands for haskell-ide-engine.


No, as far as I know. They probably renamed it to avoid the confusion.
hie-core points to a different repository:

haskell-ide-engine is here:

It is not deprecated and is under active development.


You are right, I have now found the explanation on the ghcide github page:

The Haskell community has various IDE choices, but the one that has been gathering momentum is haskell-ide-engine . Our project owes a debt of gratitude to the haskell-ide-engine . We reuse libraries from their ecosystem, including hie-bios (a likely future environment setup layer in haskell-ide-engine ), haskell-lsp and lsp-test (the haskell-ide-engine LSP protocol pieces). We make heavy use of their contributions to GHC itself, in particular the work to make GHC take string buffers rather than files. While ghcide is not a part of haskell-ide-engine , we feel it could form the core of a future version - but such decisions are up to the haskell-ide-engine contributors.


@jaror, ah, it was added a week ago, that’s why I haven’t seen it. Thanks!


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