Trigger: small utility to restart your app on recompile

Hi. I’ve made a small utility that’s handy to automatically restart your app once its executable changed:

It’s in “alpha” stage, but should be good enough to get some feedback and maybe gather alternatives that I couldn’t find.



Looking good for a specific usecase. Your target is watching only single executable file right?

I use steel overseer for similar job but I have to write wrapper script to kill and respawn the target myself.

You might want to looking for the same file pattern matching to extends usage spectrum of your tool (in case you want to do).

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Currently (and default behavior) yes, but next step is to replace this script also (plus making it cross platform)

Thinking about using DHall to describe a matching function btw

That’s awesome – I like the idea of using DHall, but the current zero-configuration style is also very nice, it just does what it’s supposed to do.

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There already exist one trigger for restart workflows:

I wonder, how it compares :thinking:

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Nice! Still want to make the DHall configuration (started checking it out), plus I like the default behavior of my app (point to executable, zero-config).

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I wish stack would do this also with --file-watch