Utrecht Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming

Call for Participation


Utrecht, the Netherlands, 08 July – 12 July 2024


**Please register before June 1st **


The Advanced Functional Programming summer school has been running for
more than ten years. We aim to educate aspiring Haskell programmers
beyond the basic material covered by many textbooks.

The lectures will cover several more advanced topics regarding the
theory and practice of Haskell programming, including topics such as:

  • lambda calculus;
  • monads and monad transformers;
  • lazy evaluation;
  • generalized algebraic data types;
  • type families and type-level programming;
  • concurrency and parallelism.

The summer school will be held in Utrecht and consists of a mix of
lectures, labs, and a busy social program.


We expect students to have a basic familiarity with Haskell
already. You should be able to write recursive functions over
algebraic data types, such as lists and trees. There is a great deal
of material readily available that covers this material. If you’ve
already started learning Haskell and are looking to take your
functional programming skills to the next level, this is the course
for you.


Registration deadline: June 1st, 2024
School: 08 July – 12 July 2024


750 euro - Profession registration fee
250 euro - Student registration fee
200 euro - Housing fee

We will charge a registration fee of 750 euros (or 250 euros for
students) to cover our expenses. If this is problematic for you for
any reason at all, please email the organisers and we can try to offer
you a discounted rate or a fee waiver. We have a limited number of
scholarships or discounts available for students that would not be
able to attend otherwise, especially for women and under-represented


Further information, including instructions on how to register, is
available on our website:



Thank you very much for posting this interesting event!

is a dead link though. :confused:

What about https://uu-afp.github.io (redirected from http://www.afp.school)?

That’s strange. I can see it redirect correctly for me, both on my laptop and mobile. But the github link is the correct one – thanks very much for sharing that!