Where do you deploy your Haskell apps?

Hi folks!

Which platforms do you use to deploy your Haskell apps? Have they gone alright so far?

Would love to see your opinions! :smiley:


I have an IHP app that was originally hosted by IHP Cloud, which was great (application hosting as a service). But IHP Cloud shut down, so now I am using shipnix.io to deploy to DigitalOcean, because that’s what they deploy to

I also have two small (non-IHP) apps running serverless on Amazon Lambda; I blogged about this. I am quite fond of pay-as-you go, scale-to-zero hosting options, but mostly because I run non-commercial toy projects anyways.

(I still wish there was an serverless application-level hosting for IHP app available. I thought about trying to run IHP on a Severless Function infrastructure like Amazon Lambda, but some of the nice IHP features require persitent WebSocket connections, and that’s a bit tricky then.)


My own servers personally, but professionally it’s also been to Clever Cloud and Cleura, and no problems whatsoever.

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Where do you deploy your Haskell apps?

Your machine.


For personal web stuff, I link statically and scp to a very cheap VPS. Works fine for me.


Super cool post! I was looking for something similar to this, to use Haskell in AWS, so it comes in really handy :smiley::+1:

It also looks like railway.app supports Haskell deployment natively. Native in that they’ll detect if you have a stackage file. Otherwise, they and Fly.io support deployment via dockerfiles.


I deploy at itch.io :sweat_smile:


I build a docker image and deploy to Google cloud run. I’m also a fan of their scale to zero feature.


:open_mouth: what games did you develop?

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Not much. I got distracted by events for yet another jam in a row, but will try again and again until something playable comes up. I still have some ideas I’m eager lazy to implement (=


This is awesome dude! Which game engine were you using (if there’s one for Haskell :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)?

There are some. Check out https://haskell-game.dev/