ZuriHac 2021 (18-20 June) - Registration now open

Hey Haskell friends,

We are happy to announce that you can now register for ZuriHac
2021. It will take place from Friday 18th to Sunday 20th of June.
Like last year, we are holding the event online.

While we are sad that we don’t yet get to see each other in person,
this also allowed ~1000 people to join in 2021, instead of the usual
400-500 in Zurich.

We have a couple of exciting things lined up for you this year. Here
is a peek preview, but you can always check out https://zurihac.com
for up-to-date information.

This year, we are honoured to have talks by:

  • Emily Pillmore
  • Gabriele Keller
  • John Hughes
  • Veronika Romashkina

And we have a couple of tutorials and teaching tracks in the works, as
well as one more talk. We put a special focus on covering the whole
beginner, intermediate, advanced spectrum:

  • There will be an advanced track held by our friends at Well-Typed.
  • digitally induced will teach you IHP, a new batteries-included web
    framework that has been gaining a lot of traction. Check it out at
  • There will be a workshop on Unison, an exciting programming
    language that shares a lot of Haskell’s syntax and semantics.
    Have a look at https://unisonweb.org/.

We are working on more talks and tutorials, so expect further details
to be communicated in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our website!

Apart from this, there will be the usual stuff that makes ZuriHac
so much fun. There will be projects to hack on with other people,
and the possibility to bring your own. There will be plenty of
socialising, some impromptu hallway tracks, friendly fellow Haskellers
to help you out, and an overall welcoming vibe.

A quick note on how the online event works:

  • The main hub for the event will be on our Discord server. It
    worked really well for us last year, since it provided a sense of
    togetherness. It’s easy to use, and it has chats, voice, and
    video. You will get a link when you register.
  • The talks will be streamed (and recorded) on YouTube. Q&A will be
    held on Discord. Check out last year’s excellent talks:

Registration is free and open as of right now:

Looking forward to seeing you in June!