A bit confused!

Hi everyone, after giving up i want to try again to learn Haskell and i have only 2-3 hours a day is it enough? how to get most of them (what about get programming with Will Kurt do i need another sources?

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I’m on a similar path. Here are my top 3 recommendations:

  1. Do it often - small bits frequently is better than taking long breaks. A small bit of time each week will pay off, small bits several days each week will be even better.

  2. For whatever you want to do, start small, like really small, smaller than you would have initially thought. Want to use Haskell on the web with json? Break it up into pieces.

  3. Master basics, don’t pass them over. Personally, I felt a lot more confident writing my own code once I had gotten significant experience with: imports, data types records, pattern matching, case statements, packages/hackage/stackage, building with stack, interacting with json, optparse.



Two/three hours a day is more than enough. Pick a book or course you like, maybe after a while try to write small programs for yourself and remember that questions are always welcome here.


To be honest, if you really take those 2-3 hours of time five days a week, that’s a lot of time spent on learning and will set you on a good learning track.

In my experience, the plan of investing 2 hours in some learning activity daily results in me investin roughly two hours weekly. There were exceptions in my life, but in the end it never was about how many hours I sat down daily, rather whether or not I keep coming back.

With Haskell luckily I kept coming back and at some point I founded a startup company where we decided to go full Haskell. The startup doesn’t exist anymore but those three months of coding were among the most intensive learning experiences in my life and all the time I put into Haskell before that paid of hugely, of course.

Have fun learning! I like codewars
for a quick dopamin-trigger. It’s usually a bit too difficult for bloody beginners, but always worth to check out. It doesn’t require any setup, which is a huge plus.