Questions from a comlete beginners

Hello everyone.
I really liked this forum bcz it seems there’s a lot of experts here and its a specific for Haskell…
Well, i’m new to the world of programming . ( i had little knowledge with Pascal and Python)
so i’m wondering about the roadmap to learn Haskell without getting bored or giving up especially for a beginner.
with a bit research i found a guide that telling :
1-knowing theory : like books or courses ( i got getting programming with haskell book)
2-interactive : asking questions for help etc…
3-practice which i don’t know too much about it is it looking for excercices or what
Anyway what are some good tips to learn better i decided to give an hour and half a day to this for a year and then i’ll look to learn staff to get a job.
Thanks in advance

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First of all, Welcome!

I used the book from and like it a lot. But it’s quite long. I can’t speak to the “get programming with haskell” book. The table of contents looks good though!

some advice:

  • join a chat room (or a few, if you want). Ask questions there. There are links to some in this post: Simple Request!
  • Here is a guide which is the basis for Its free, of course, and collects various good resources:
  • Don’t give up! Haskell is a fantastic programming language. It has a lot of concepts, but they are there to make programming easier overall.

Here are a couple of great resources for when you get to certain topics. Think of them as other explanations of things, in case your book is not thorough enough:

May I ask, how you decided to learn Haskell?

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Thank you so much for your help
Well, most experts says that a beginner must learn Python, but i’m not in interested in it right now so i googled about some tough programming languages i fount it i know that i should also start with C, again i’m not interested in any field until i will decice to make it a career lool
i’m planning for spending a year exclusiveley on learning Haskell
With giving a try maybe i’ll move to learning anything that provide a job

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