Resources to learn Monad

I am a very beginner with Haskell. I loved this language and want to learn more. I understood basic concepts like types, type class and can write some simple programs.

Currently, I am facing difficulty with understanding and using monad.
Can anyone provide me with some resources to learn advance (from basic preferably) concepts of monad?


This is my tutorial for IO specifically:

It laters continues to talk about type classes and links to tutorials on them.

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When I first learnt Haskell, I found the chapter on Monads from Learn You a Haskell to be quite nice. You may want to read the previous chapter (on functors and applicatives) as well.

(Note: Since I first recommended it, I have heard that some people find this particular book hard to follow. However, I would still encourage you to try it — you may still find it useful.)

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I liked this one:,_applicatives,_and_monads_in_pictures.html.

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@belka @gilmi Thank you, everyone. I’ll try to follow each of your links. :smiley: :upside_down_face:

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@bradrn I already followed this. Not completely but yes I did try to follow a few starting lessons from this book. I was a bit hard (and time-consuming) to follow it so eventually I stopped. I’ll try to learn this lesson :smiley: