A GHCi plugin for TeXmacs

TeXmacs is a scientific text editor with a high-quality typesetting engine, of course inspired by LaTeX and able to import/export it (with some limitations) and produce HTML, PS and PDF.

After using it for a while, it became necessary for me to add quick coding experiments to certain documents. This plugin allows us to run GHCi sessions right inside the editor, which divides interactions into separate cells. This gives us extra capabilities such as re-writing and re-evaluating one or all prompts, deleting interactions, etc. Correct and re-run as many times as needed.

Here are the relevant links for anyone who might be interested:

Repo: GitHub - CubOfJudahsLion/tm-ghci: A TeXmacs plugin for running GHCi sessions
(Release binaries are available.)

Let me know if this helps you. Feedback is welcome.