A Graphic to Acknowledge Individual Sponsors To The Haskell Foundation Along With The Corporate Sponsors

I started this issue so that individuals who donate to the Haskell Foundation would be acknowledged (collectively) where currently only corporate logos are shown:

I’ll copy what I wrote there to here:

Individual donors are sponsoring the Haskell Foundation but only corporate donors are acknowledged with the display of their logos at the bottom of the H.F. website. There should be a logo-like acknowledgement that individuals are also sponsoring the H.F.

I’ve made a logo that indicates the current number of donors. I’m willing to update the logo with the new current number of donors (monthly):


Here is how I would like it placed among the logos:

I suggest that if this image is clicked on, then it would be equivalent to clicking on the donate button in the upper right corner of the website.


Eheh, what happens if individual donors are more than 99?

The idea is very good and the prominent placement even better!

We’ll be ok as long as no more than 9999 people make donations :slight_smile:


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Add logo for number of individual sponsors of the HF. by myShoggoth · Pull Request #160 · haskellfoundation/haskellfoundation.github.io · GitHub is up for review!

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