A simple guide: set-up a Haskell development environment in Windows 10

After identifying a need for it, we’ve written this guide to help people get a Haskell environment up and running on Windows 10, in a state where all (or most) packages can be installed without any issues and with Haskell Language server installed for VS Code.

Please try it out and let us know how it goes!


This should be excellent for people who are Chocolatey-shy too; I hope it gets included in the download page.

Some feedback I gathered from Win users:

  • lambdaheart’s guide is more future proof than the condensed version (see: allowing version switches by linking to different directories);
  • why are we adding a location that is only accessible to one user to the system PATH?
  • It would be awesome if «code blocks» could be executed on your behalf (i.e. copy/pastable).

I hope these are useful.


Thank you so much for gathering feedback!

  • Regarding your first point, this is true, but removing the linking was an intentional decision. It’s to keep the surface area of possible failures to a minimum. I appreciate that this might bother power users, but the target audience consists of people who would be highly unlikely to benefit from the ability to switch versions, at least for a while.

  • Regarding the system path, that’s a good point. Bug!

  • As far as I’m aware, all valid commands in code blocks should currently run when pasted into a terminal. Was there something specific that they encountered, or am I misunderstanding?

Where you cite the lambdaheart guide it might be worthwhile adding something like “and power users may like to take advantage of some of the extensions contained in that guide”.

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That’s a nice way to handle it, I’ll do that.