An Epic future for SPJ

As you may know, I am leaving Microsoft Research at the end of November. Time for something new! I am going to start a new role as Engineering Fellow at Epic Games in December.

Epic is doing all sorts of interesting things – not just games but other virtual reality stuff suchf as special effects for films, design visualisation, architecture, and so on. I will be working with my long-time colleague Lennart Augustsson and a team of others, on Verse. Verse is a new programming language that Epic is designing for their games, and in due course for the metaverse (e.g. listen to Tim Sweeney’s SigGraph 2019 talk). I also expect to work with Dan Piponi on data-centre-scale transactional memory. And probably more.

Epic is also happy for me to spend a substantial amount of time on education, on functional programming research, and Haskell and GHC in particular. I think this is extremely generous, and it means that I will continue to be pretty active in these areas.


PS: In fact Epic is looking for more people who know about programming language implementation (implementing Verse), and/or formal verification (reasoning about Verse). If you’d be interested, drop me a line.


Verse - really? A possible name for the guide to the language: The Verse Chapters

Congratulations! Sounds very exciting!

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what you work on

Congratulations Simon, hope the new gig is as exciting as it sounds!

Congratulations! Please my my video games amazing thanks :slight_smile:

The maker of my favorite programming language, joined the maker of my favorite game engine?

:exploding_head: :scream: :star_struck:

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