[ANN] GHCup- released

How to upgrade

ghcup upgrade

If you haven’t installed yet, follow the instructions at: https://www.haskell.org/ghcup/


New features

  • TUI: new context menus for advanced installation and compilation by @Lsmor #949
  • Add def-ghc-conf-options config option

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Fix TUI for screenreaders
  • Fix windows process creation #1036
  • Migrate from streamly to conduit to unbreak hackage releases, wrt #1051
  • Improve parsing of --platform values, fixes #1057
  • Avoid option clash on -s
  • Don’t allow to specify --hadrian and --config wrt #1082
  • Point to correct store dir when XDG is used #1089
  • Fix boot GHC for ghcup compile ghc wrt #1045
  • Add hadrian-ghc flag wrt #1044

Again, many thanks to @Lsmor who spearheaded the new TUI.

Peek 2024-07-08 00-18


cheers!! glad to contribute to the project :slight_smile:


Thanks! I am a user and much appreciate fixes :slight_smile:

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I have tested the latest ghcup on GHC’s bindist testing infrastructure and it works on all platforms as expected. Thanks Julian.