[ANN] GHCup- released

How to upgrade

ghcup upgrade

If you haven’t installed yet, follow the instructions at: https://www.haskell.org/ghcup/


New features

  • support TUI on windows thanks to the work from vty and brick maintainers (Chris Hackett, Timofey Zakrevskiy, Jonathan Daugherty, …), wrt #912
    • this may be experimental though
  • support JS and wasm cross compilers wrt #838, thanks to Sylvain Henry and IOG
  • Support stacks installation strategy and metadata wrt #892
    • you can now enable stacks installation method via ghcup config set url-source '["GHCupURL", "StackSetupURL"]'… for more information, check the documentation

Improvements and bug fixes

  • fix segfault in TUI when hitting enter early wrt #887
  • Improve key handling in TUI, fixes #875
  • add explicit support for Void Linux and Rocky Linux (this required a metadata version bump to ghcup-0.0.8.yaml)
  • optparse cli interface now has a test suite thanks to Lei Zhu, wrt #862

Thanks Julian, TUI support on windows sounds like a great improvement!


I updated my Fedora Copr repo to this version:


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