[ANN] GHCup- released

This is the first release that was executed via the new GitHub CI. Everything went smoothly, except for an unexpected packaging bug on windows due to text-2.0 linking against libstdc++ by default.

If you’re affected by this and have a defunct binary, simply run the installer again.

We’re also delighted to announce integration with errors.haskell.org, which already has a couple of GHCup codes documented, e.g. Unable to find a download for the requested version/distro [GHCup-00010] — Haskell Error Index

How to update/install

Follow the instructions here: GHCup

Or run ghcup upgrade for existing installations.


  • restore proper support for FreeBSD and Linux armv7
  • integrate with errors.haskell.org, wrt #434
  • allow to overwrite distro detection via config wrt #421
  • Add proper support for mirrors wrt #357
  • fix a (harmless) bug in ghcup nuke on windows
  • improvements to ghcup add-release-channel wrt #708
  • fix building newer GHC from source wrt #433
  • Fix ghcup install hls -u on windows
  • Fix failure with --isolate=dir --force
  • Add --metadata-fetching-mode arg, fixes #440
  • Add content-length property to downloads
  • Fix a grave bug on armv7 during installation wrt #415
  • improve many warning/error messages (contributions by @taylorfausak)
  • some minor optimization in ghcup whereis ghcup
  • improve --keep=always to not clean up directories in certain circumstances

Not there yet

  • TUI on windows has a prototype, but it has performance issues that makes it of questionable usability… needs more investigation
  • compiling HLS from within the TUI? This needs more discussion

Hurray for the integration into the errors index!