[ANN] GHCup- released


How to install

If you’ve already installed GHCup, simply run:

ghcup upgrade

Otherwise, follow the instructions here: https://www.haskell.org/ghcup/


  • Add ‘nuke’ subcommand wrt #135, implemented by Arjun Kathuria
  • Add uninstallation powershell script on windows wrt #150
  • Fix building GHC cross compiler wrt #180
  • Allow to use hadrian as build system (for git based versions only) wrt #35
  • Allow passing --flavor to ghcup compile ghc
  • Support new GHC bin/ directory format wrt ghc/ghc#20074
  • Implement whereis subcommand wrt #173
  • Add --offline switch and prefetch subcommand wrt #186
  • Implement ETAGs hashing for metadata downloads to speed up ghcup list wrt #193
  • Avoid unnecessary fetching of ghcup metadata in some commands
  • Avoid unnecessary update checks for some commands
  • Preserve mtimes on unpacked GHC tarballs on windows wrt #187, fixing issues with ghc-pkg
  • Fix lesser bug in ghcup list for stray stack versions wrt #183
  • Major redo on how file removal on windows works, avoiding partial removals etc, wrt #165
  • Improve ghcup tui for screen readers wrt github/#4, thanks to Mario Lang


GHCup supports windows and stack since the last release. There may still be bugs. Better integration with stack is ongoing work, see:


I want to thank you and the contributors to GHCup for making it available on Windows. I’ve recently switched to a ghcup-focused workflow on both Windows and Linux and the experience is great.