[ANN] New haskell-language-server release: 1.3.0

2021 July release of HLS arrives! This release includes binaries for GHC 9.0.1
and some new interesting features. Here is the brief summary of changes:

  • Binaries for GHC 9.0.1 are added by @anka-213.
  • Call hierarchy plugin is added, contributed by @July541.
  • Now completions work with definitions from non-imported modules, thanks to @pepeiborra.
  • Eval plugin
    • The plugin supports GHC 9.0.1, thanks to @berberman.
    • :info command is added by @akrmn.
    • The plugin uses the same default language as GHCi with @fmehta’s patch.
  • Wingman, where most changes owing to @isovector
    • Wingman no longer changes the fixity of function definitions.
    • Wingman now gives unique names to the holes it generates.
    • Wingman’s ability to reason about polymorphic and GADT types is significantly improved.
    • Wingman no longer suggests homomorphic destructs when the codomain is larger than the domain.
    • “Complete case constructors” action supports empty lambda cases.
    • Wingman now gives a warning if it ran out of gas during “attempt to fill hole”.
    • Metaprogramming for Wingman has been improved with symbolic-name support and the pointwise combinator.
    • An option to enable/disable Wingman’s proof state styling is added.
    • Hole fit suggestions are now disabled for performance reasons when using Wingman.
  • Hovering on a name displays the package where the name is defined, contributed by @berberman.

Awesome awesome work. As a newbie I think this project is probably the singular most important project in the Haskell community for bringing new folks into the fold. I am interested in some of the features of 9.2, will that be as big of a deal to support as the 8.10 => 9.0 upgrade was.

We already are working in ghc-9.2 thanks to @fendor here: https://github.com/haskell/haskell-language-server/pull/2128
Not sure if it will be available in the next release though

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And the release finally found this way to hackage: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/haskell-language-server-

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