[ANN] haskell-language-server-1.5.1 has been released

This is a bug fix release for two regressions found after releasing 1.5.0:

  • #2365: hs-boot files not handled correctly, discovered in the ghc codebase and fixed with #2377
  • #2379: tried to look at linkable for GetModIfaceWithoutLinkable for NormalizedFilePath... error handling template haskell, fixed with #2380

Both quick fixes thanks to @pepeiborra

Also it fixes some long standing bugs in the hlint plugin due to comments being ignored (see #2366)


Now hls can be installed from hackage using ghc-9.0.1. Like github release, it does not include brittany, stylish-haskell, class and wingman plugins.

Is there an official list of plugins provided when installing hls via ghcup?

Well, by default all plugins are included at build time (you can disable them at runtime via config).
However we cant build brittany, stylish-haskell, class and wingman with ghc-9.0.1 so they are not available for ghc-9.0.1 independently of how it is installed.

We are tracking support for ghc-9.0.1 here:

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The 1.5.1 release should be available via ghcup

Additional systems available via direct download from the release or using ghcup:

  • freebsd12
  • Linux on aarch64
  • Linux on armv7
  • macOS on aarch64 (m1)

they are not available via automatic download in the vscode extension though

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