Announcing the Haskell Weekly podcast


I am excited to announce the Haskell Weekly podcast! As the name suggests, it is a weekly podcast about the Haskell programming language. We select interesting articles from the Haskell Weekly newsletter to talk about. Each episode uses a conversational two-host format, typically with me and another ITProTV engineer. We try to keep episodes short, so they run for about 15 minutes.

We publish new episodes every week. Subscribe now in Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts!


Before others also have to search: RSS. :slight_smile:


Very nice! Seems like it has been running since march 10.


Thanks! I added a link to the RSS feed in the footer. It’s also available as a <link> element in the HTML, if your browser supports detecting those. Most don’t, but some extensions do.


Yup! There are 10 episodes available today. We’ve been running in stealth mode for a while to prove to ourselves that it’s something we want to do long term. Also since the episodes are short it didn’t feel right to announce with only 15 minutes worth of content :slight_smile: