Blog post: the elegant attack

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“I won’t name names, but I understand that, for specific cultures, satire is seen as equivalent to sarcasm.”

There’s worse. In some cultures, “irony” and “sarcasm” use the same word. For example, Japanese “hiniku” (lit. “tear flesh”, etymologically parallel to “sarcasm”), though context often disambiguates.

I’m happy to learn on tour that a Cabal Hell does still exist, and not just for newbies like me, and that in the worst case, you’re not allowed to say, “Houston, we have a problem”, at least when you’re so far below Houston that you’re down where hellfire (or maybe fracking sludge) is licking at your heels. Thank Yoneda for me.

I’m trying to put the fun back in function, even as a Haskell newbie, and I have wild dreams of making Haskell fun for newbies in academia (specifically in lexical semantics.) Thank you for making my day.

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