Boulder, Colorado Haskell meetup – March 6

There will be pizza, non-alcoholic beverages, and Robert Peszek speaking on pragmatic RankNTypes. Details at Pragmatic RankN, Wed, Mar 6, 2024, 5:30 PM | Meetup

Everyone is welcome – come meet and socialize with some Colorado functional programmers.


just heard about this from a friend - cool to see you are reviving the Boulder group! I live in Boulder and plan to be there on Wed.

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at the last meetup it sounded like presentations were welcome? I recently did a Haskell implementation of the G machine paper, as a learning exercise for a work project. I could walk through the code - including some nice DOT diagrams I can generate from the interpreter as it runs a program - if that is of interest.

this is a way to make fast-ish interpreters for lazy functional languages. Haskell uses the “stackless, tagless g machine” variant on what the paper describes.

Yes! That sounds great. Are you suggesting this for the meetup this Wednesday (which I still need to post here), or were you thinking the May 1st(?) meetup?

I had been thinking of the May meetup, but I could do Wed also! my understanding of the code would be fresher on Wed, since I just finished it and will probably be doing different stuff in a month…

it sounded like there was a plan for a discussion on Wed. I don’t think it’d take me too long (maybe 15min?) to walk through the code. so maybe we could do both?

Not trying to rush you – May is totally good, and gives some time for promotion / prep of the talk. I think that’s my preference, but don’t want to dissuade you if you’re champing at the bit to present it.

cool, May sounds good!

I am now working on an adapted version of the g-machine, for interpreting our language (called PLAN). by May I could probably talk through that also, which might be interesting to folks?

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