BusConf - https://www.bus-conf.org

Hey everyone,

BusConf - a FP themed (Open Space) un-conference taking place from August 1st to 3rd 2019 in Rueckersbach (de) close to the Frankfurt airport.

BusConf is

… not a traditional conference (http://www.bus-conf.org/format).
… open to anyone who wants to share, teach or learn about FP in any language at any level of expertise.
… a friendly, non-profit community-driven event
… not actually taking place in a bus - sorry to disappoint :wink:

Registration has already started, so if the above sounds interesting to you head over to http://www.bus-conf.org to find out more and register. You are welcome to also ask questions here of course.


I’ve wanted to come every year - tricky with family, though perhaps some year soon!!

Are there any reports or videos from the previous years?

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How many people did attend in the previous years?

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There are no recordings. Note that this is not a traditional conference with keynotes and many hour long presentations. Of course anyone can do a full-blown hour long talk but the majority of sessions are often ad-hoc presentations or workshops or even discussions.

Please read through www.bus-conf.org/format if you haven’t already to get a better impression.

BusConf started off with just about 25 attendees in the first year, 50 in the second. Based on the current flow of incoming registrations i expect this year to surpass that number.