Thank you to the FOSDEM23 organisers! Next year?

I wanted to write to thank the Fraser and the organisers of the first ever FOSDEM Haskell dev room! I was very excited to learn that the room was to be part of FOSDEM 2023, and I enjoyed the talks that I caught. For what it’s worth, I eyeballed how busy the room was at points, and it compared very favourably with the Java room next door.

If I could offer one piece of constructive feedback, it’s that I would have liked an opportunity to network a little more, perhaps by scheduling a BoF session or something like that. I wonder what others think. Is the best place to discuss it this Discourse?

I hope that there is an appetite for a Haskell dev room next year, and if there is I also hope (although cannot yet commit) to get involved in some way, at the very least by submitting a proposed talk. But perhaps something else.

(Thank you also to David and the Haskell Foundation for the stickers!)


Yup, I also really enjoyed meeting people at FOSDEM. Thanks a lot to the organizers!


I also really enjoyed it! This was my first FOSDEM. Having been there, I think it’s a good opportunity for Haskell, and I want to organize a larger Haskell presence next year.

Thanks again to @frasertweedale and @athas for organizing it!


I think this is a great place!

I think that your point on networking is a good one. We can also look into a booth, if there’s enough interested volunteers for it.


A informal dinner/hangout on the first day could also have been nice :slight_smile:


I agree! I’ll keep that in mind for next time around.

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@jon thanks for the feedback. A stand/booth would be a great idea but it requires >=1 person so it is staffed at all times. It is a considerable committment, separate from the devroom. But it would fulfil the networking aspect better than the devroom can. And of course, you can promote the stand from the devroom, and vice-versa. And since there is no guarantee of either being accepted, proposing both a devroom and a booth is a good idea, if there are enough volunteers.

Regarding next year: I know it is early but it would be great if some folks could [provisionally] step up to lead the devroom and/or booth for 2024. I am unlikely to attend in 2024 (or most years), but I will be very happy to see others step up to ensure the Haskell community has an ongoing presence at FOSDEM.

Finally, a big thanks again to Troels, David and the Haskell Foundation for helping and supporting the Haskell devroom.