Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Update, 2023-01-11

Hello! This is a short and late (10pm) update, for which I apologize. I just got back from the first Helsinki Haskell Meetup that has been held in over three years, which pleases me as an excuse for my tardiness!

Last Friday was a holiday, so this was another short week. The big topic in GHC-land is still upcoming 9.6 release, for which I am still trying to figure out Mac notarization. In fact, right now I’m still just trying to clarify what the problem is and what an acceptable solution would be. Hopefully that gets cleared up soon and I can go back to making CI more robust and friendlier for everyone who might want to write patches for GHC.

See ya!

PSA: Next week’s update will be postponed due to travel. See you on the 25th!


Darn, they should advertise it more! Would have liked to attend the Helsinki meetup as well :slight_smile:

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I’m actually the organizer. :smiley: I took over the role during covid when the group was otherwise going to be closed. (It’s organized as a Meetup.com group, and when someone steps down, somebody else needs to pay to take the role to keep it alive.)

The group is at https://www.meetup.com/helsinki-haskell-users-group/

We’re already planning the next meetup!

PSA: Next week’s devops update will be postponed due to travel. The next one will be on the 25th.

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Sounds great! I just joined your group.

Fwiw, I created a counterpart meetup group over the other side of the drink (Tallinn) recently just to catch some wanderers, but no organic growth yet…

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