Categories / Hidden Categories by Default?

I’m not sure about how Discourse works, but on some other traditional message boards, there’s a tradition of long-running threads on a specific topic, with conversation and news articles regarding a topic being linked to there long-term.

Is there a way to add hidden categories by default, i.e, if they’re tagged such, they’re not visible by default through “all categories”? If so, could we add some default conversations, with more opt-in conversations hidden by thread? Or, IIRC, Microsoft Community’s forums has similar categorizing capabilities.

What I really want is a permanent discussion board for Production Haskell, Haskell in the enterprise, Haskell start-ups, etc, where people discuss how Haskell is used in enterprise, what idioms and design patterns work, and so on. I recently found a nice post on a Rust start-up, of all things, where while the team loved the language, they wouldn’t use it for future start-ups due to ergonomic reasons, blaming the borrow-checker. This wouldn’t fit on a Haskell discourse in general, but it’d fit in a specialized thread, which would just end up getting bumped to top-level incessantly if Haskell Discourse used a single all categories thread option.


I don’t want to derail the thread, but I would find such an article an interesting read if introducted properly (so not just a mere link, but a link + OP reasoning on why it could be relevant to Haskell).

Thanks for the suggestion, I frankly have no strong opinions on the matter. Of all the Discourse boards I visit, I don’t think any hides categories by default.

The real-time-strategy game Age of Empires’ forum (apparently Discourse) might be an example of more advanced lay-outing. See:

I think that until the little issue between /r/Haskell moderators and Reddit, Haskell Discourse was relatively dead, but now that Haskell Discourse is more active, there might be advantages to more structure.

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The NixOS discourse has a pretty involved frontpage and heavy categorisation. I never visit it except via a search engine, because I can’t figure out how to follow the stuff I’m interested in.

For what it’s worth, you can choose different default views in your own preferences. It’s “just” 5 easy steps!

I guess the default default is “Latest”, while NixOS uses “Categories”.


Defaulting to categories is more of authorization to have long-running threads, however. As for NixOS, it looks terrible on mobile (categories come up first), but on desktop the categories view look great because you get the existing “latest” layout on the right side.

Apparently there was a “suppress category” option, then axed, now a plugin

My suggestion would be to be bold and open whichever thread you feel will be interesting to the community. The day it becomes to popular to impact usability we can decide the course of action!

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