Claw: command-line options the hard way

This is most probably the only command-line option library that needs three modules of setup just to get going. On the flip side it’s extremely minimal and customizable (and supposedly fast since it uses radix trees, but I don’t think it’ll ever matter).

Also there’s a parallel Template Haskell interface that allows precompiling option dictionaries.

I don’t think there’s a good reason to put this on Hackage since I don’t expect most people to care enough about state management to choose this instead of optparse-applicative/cmdargs.


Could you upload the Haddocks somewhere? Like GH pages for the repo? I always like reading them compared to source. Although I could clone and build them myself off :slight_smile:

Here you go.


Made an alternate edition supporting OsStrings. It’s currently a bit clunky to use (getArgs needs to be manually assembled across two packages), but perfectly functional otherwise.

Shameless plug: I have made a lot of improvements to a fork of commander-cli that allows you to quickly and easily construct command line interfaces.