CLC Update (August 2023)

As part of my Core Libraries Committee (CLC) involvement, I committed to writing monthly CLC updates.

Previous update:

All CLC work is done by volunteers in their free time.

:gem: Featured discussions

CLC also maintains PVP (a versioning policy, popular in the Haskell ecosystem and closest to what is supported by Hackage).

Last month was fruitful on various discussions, changes and improvements to PVP:

:new: New

List of newly opened proposals since the last update.

:white_check_mark: Approved

List of approved proposals since the last update.

:no_entry_sign: Declined

List of rejected proposals since the last update.


:arrow_down_small: Withdrawn

List of proposals withdrawn voluntarily by their authors.

  • #162: base API changes introduced by GHC proposal 475
    • Recently, HF accepted the GHC+CLC proposal about implementing all experimental features in the yet-to-be-created package ghc-experimental. So this CLC proposal was withdrawn with the idea to implement requested features in ghc-experimental instead of base.

:desert: Abandoned or :zzz: Dormant

List of abandoned proposals due to lack of progress from the proposal author.

  • #191: HasField for Maybe :zzz: :new:
    • The proposed feature received some pushback as being too experimental, and the proposal author decided to gather more usage data on the feature first

:globe_with_meridians: Meta

List of CLC process updates and meta improvements.

Feel free to share any feedback on these updates! Do you like the format? Do you like the granularity? Anything else :slightly_smiling_face: