Contacting moderation

I’ve raised some concerns in the past about how certain things are moderated. I wrote an email to and never received a response, even after a ping a couple months later.

That was not a good experience.


Sorry to hear that @hasufell.

It is the first time I hear about this email address. I cannot find it with a DuckDuckGo search, the only post that mentions it in this discourse instance (according to the search function) is yours. If you tell me where you found it, I can check whether it is manned and whether it was meant to collect moderation-related concerns.

Generally speaking the few concerns we receive are:

  • Via a post being flagged for attention.
  • Via a PM.
  • Via someone mentioning it in a discussion, like in this case.

It is right there at the bottom of the about page: About - Haskell Community

“In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site”: was that the case? Were there specific reasons why you scrolled past admins/mods and went for the email?

I am genuinely trying to understand why a user would select an off-site tool (email) instead of using the platform itself.

edit: I will doublecheck to see how/when the address is manned and whether we should change the footer. Thanks for reporting.

To be concrete, you can send us moderators a message here on discourse as follows:

  1. click the “new thread” button at the top right of the main view.
  2. A composition window should pop up, click the “+” button on the top left of that window
  3. click “new message”
  4. click the “add a user” field
  5. type “moderators”
  6. write a title and body of your message
  7. click the “message” button on the bottom left to send the message

Alternatively, you can replace steps 1-3 by the following:

  1. click your profile picture in the top right of the main view
  2. a dropdown opens, click the envelope to switch to the messages tab
  3. click the downward pointing arrow at bottom of the dropdown
  4. click the blue highlighted “new message” button in the left sidebar
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I did not want to discuss the issue I was reporting in public.

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If you are not aware, PMs (obviously) and flags are not public.

I have contacted #haskell-infrastructure to see where the emails to If the matter is still relevant, follow what @jaror suggested.

I am genuinely trying to understand why a user would select an off-site tool (email) instead of using the platform itself.

That requires continued use of the platform and I may be a rather disgruntled user who has decided to leave, but still has some issues to resolve. I may alternatively be a prospective new user who for some reason is unable to make an account and would like someone to look into why I can’t make an account. Or perhaps I am lurker who simply reads the posts and doesn’t want to make account, but has seen some rather inappropriate comments that need a mod’s attention.


The only option listed in “Contact Us” section is the email, right? It does not suggest to contact any of admins / moderators via private messages.


For the record the email goes to emily, matthew, jasper and tikhon.

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Thanks everyone for their feedback. Modifying the “About” page is slightly more difficult than expected:

We’ll see what we can do about it and moderators contact in general!