Reply by email, mailing list mode and create topic by email

Just a short notice to say that we have now configured Discourse to integrate better with email.

  1. You can now reply to email notifications to post replies to topics.

  2. You can enable “Mailing List Mode” in your notification settings to get an email for every post (like a mailing list).

  3. You can make a topic in a specific category by emailing one of these addresses:


Excellent, this should be pinned or put in here!


Just curious, how is spam kept out ?

Only users with accounts and certain “trust level” are permitted to create posts by email.
If spam becomes a problem then we can increase the trust level requirements but I’m confident at the current level that it will be fine.

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Just to add: you can (in Mailing-list mode) “Like by e-mail” by replying with a:


to the message you received.

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