Discourse as mailinglist – Re: before replies?

I am following this Discourse using the “mailing list mode”, which is quite nice. One minor thing that I am missing is to easily distinguish first posts from replies, and I am trained to recognize that based on the subject line – if it starts with Re:, it’s a reply.

Is that a change we can easily do here, or should I take that request to Discourse upstream?

Hello Joachim,

I follow d.h.o using «mailing list mode» too. If your client can recognise the In-Reply-to: header, you can with some shenanigans mangle the subject line to your taste (I have a setup to weed messages out tout court).

Would that work for you? In any case I think having a «Re: » before a reply message would be a sensible thing to do; I will file a feature request if you haven’t done already.

I use evolution, and it has a threaded view which I sometimes switch to, but the strictly chronological view is also useful, and would be more useful with Re.

Did not file a request, happy to let you do it :slight_smile:

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Filed a feature request, let’s see how it develops.

edit: got a reply, and apparently it is possible, by adding %{optional_re} to the email subject field (reached from: Admin / Settings / Email / email). I will ping @jaspervdj as I think I do not have access to it.


I’ve enabled this now – let me know if it doesn’t work!


Works great