Corydalis v0.4 released

Not sure of how much interest this might be, since it’s an end-user application and not a library, but I’ve just released a new (and rather significant) version of my image viewer. Backend written in Haskell, with a large number of JavaScript libraries for the frontend (since I don’t know much in this area).

This is what I use for many years now since I don’t want to put my image library in the cloud, but I still need something to browse/search/analyse my library with. I have no idea if it might be of use to anyone else, or if everybody moved to Google photos (or similar alternatives) already.

Blog post with screenshots and details here, or you can head over to the demo site if you want to see it in action, or read the small user documentation on read the docs, or just look at the code on github.

I haven’t even put this up on hackage since it doesn’t seem appropriate, so if you want to give it a go, clone the repo and stack-build it.

Feedback welcome!