Haskell Foundation DevOps Yearly Log, 2023

In the tradition of his weekly updates, @chreekat wrote an annual update that describes his ongoing work from a more holistic perspective. He’s just gone on vacation, and it took me a moment to get the website set up to conveniently take this kind of long-form writing, so I’m posting it here on his behalf.


Hi everybody, I just learned something really disappointing. I should have double checked rather the dashboards were world-readable, because in fact, they are not! (I swear I checked this once upon a time, but clearly not.) In fact, it looks like such a thing simply isn’t possible, because Grafana apparently has no permissions model.

I really want these graphs to be world-readable, so if anyone has any good suggestions for an easy way to do that, let me know. :slight_smile:

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P.s. David and I are both on holiday now, but one of us will edit out the links when we get back.

Ok, now it looks like I was right in the first place. There is some way to make dashboards viewable, as evidenced by Grafana.

I haven’t crossed the Øresund bridge yet! I commented the links out until you have time to look at it post-vacation.

I have. About 11hs and 4hs ago. We should schedule this better :see_no_evil::rofl:

If you’ll be in Uppsala this week, we should say hi!

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I’m afraid I’m back ok Langeland and will leave for Germany by Friday :cold_face: another time.

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Consider visiting Östanbäcks kloster nearby Uppsala. </tourguide>

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Thanks for the recommendation! We didn’t end up going there - the kid mostly wanted to swim in Fyrishov, so we spent our time in the water. It was a great place for a week off - I hope to go back, and then we can check out more of the area.