Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-03-15

Hello, welcome to the next weekly log.

I just noticed that I have unintentionally flip-flopped between calling these a “weekly update” and a “weekly log”. Even worse, I sometimes call them the “weekly report” in my own notes. Let me assure you that this causes me great anguish and I will strive to stick with one title henceforth. Let us rejoice.

Notwithstanding that great weight lifted from my shoulders, I was not in a good headspace this week due to life impinging in uncomfortable ways. On the upside, I still managed to make progress in expanding and standardizing CI platform administration:

  1. Met with Peter Trommler to discuss steps for adding PowerPC support.
  2. Met with a few Cabal CI stakeholders at the behest of the release manager for the next release (@Kleidukos) and had a good discussion clarifying how Cabal will approach using GitLab and GitHub CI.
  3. Spruced up the ci-config docs.

The goal is to increase contributions in this area. There is a lot of institutional knowledge about how to enable new platforms for GHC. I want to share the knowledge, standardize the procedures, and provide tools for self-service. The core GHC team only has resources to maintain so many platforms. I want you, as a volunteer or otherwise-interested stakeholder, to know what it takes to get support for the others.

In other work, I continued to explore disk outages on the runners. I also added back some platforms to Cabal’s release pipeline that I inadvertently dropped right before the 3.10 release.

That’s all for today, see you next time!