Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-08-09

Hello, welcome to the weekly log.

The last few days have been spent on emergent issues.

  • The release build of Cabal for recent Macs failed because of a brew issue. I looked into rewriting the build to be more robust, but eventually fixed the issue by doing nothing (it went away on its own).
  • GHC performance tests were failing consistently on Windows, presumably because of instability of the runner itself. I did some analysis and developed a workaround, but the issue just went away with a couple reboots.
    • The Windows machines occasionally get bogged down by runaway nm processes. This utility apparently reads linker symbols in a file; perhaps there’s a bug in the msys version.
  • Fixed two remaining CI runners that were broken because of #23723: Tracking issue: Docker/gitlab-runner/golang incompatibility · Issues · Glasgow Haskell Compiler / GHC · GitLab
  • Due to the imminent breakup of Matrix and Libera.chat, I set up a persistent IRC connection to stay active on #ghc:libera.chat, which is still an important hub for GHC development.

I’d like to put out one last call for anyone who wants to join my Haskell CI meetup—I’ve chosen times on this Thursday for the first meetups.

See ya!