DevOps Log, 2023-11-29

Hello, this will be a short log. I have been moving house and had to take some time off to finalize everything. (It’s done now!) I missed the GHC issue triage meeting for the same reason, so there will be no issue summary this time.

In the time I did have, I dug into the Stackage server deployment to understand how the parts work together. There are a few components that will need to be migrated in lockstep, and I want to be careful to provide a seamless transition.

That work requires a lot of concentration, and I found myself in short supply of brainpower at the end of the week. I decided to switch to some ‘easier’ tasks, and I:

In the next week, I will be continuing to focus on Stackage.

That’s all for now!

P.S. Next week’s log will be published on Tuesday, as Wednesday is a national holiday in Finland.


2023-12-05 update: I will skip having a separate post for this log. I have worked on the Stackage migration and that’s it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: . It’s gone well: the service providing itself is now running on the new server and (re)building the database it keeps to represent Stackage snapshots. In terms of services, only two remain: the service providing and a background process that keeps it up-to-date. Beyond the services themselves, a fair amount of work remains. Chief among the remaining subprojects are the S3 bucket transfer, the DNS transfer, and reliability improvements to the new services.

I again had a short week because, even though I finished moving, the very next day I got notified that my residence permit application finally started processing (:tada:) but needed additional documentation. I’m done with that for now, but tomorrow is also a national holiday. The next log should represent a full work week, however! See you then!