DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-10-18


I was out sick on Thursday and Friday. Nonetheless, I was able to contribute to the recent Cabal release by repairing some problems with the release pipeline. I’ve also started working on the Stackage migration: I’m currently repurposing an idle machine that will serve as the Stackage build server.

I’ve switched to working on Stackage because I want to move it quickly. I also want to get back to my spurious failure tooling in order to put a pin in that effort, at least temporarily. But what I’m still spending a lot of time thinking about is the release process for core Haskell tools. I’m particularly thinking of GHC, Cabal, and HLS. It sounds like it’s a huge pain in the ass for everyone involved. Tight coupling, circular dependencies between the projects, fragile processes, and a murky vision for the system as a whole. One positive thing is that the people behind the projects are working together and supporting each other, albeit with the occasional difference of opinion. Anyway, perhaps this is an area that I could focus on in the future.