DevOps Weekly Log, 2024-03-27

Welcome to the next weekly log.

The main theme of this last week has been finalizing the Stackage handover. At this point I thnk I’m actually done with the technical work. All that remains is to double check everything and write the official announcement.

  • I cleaned up the Stackage data migration — it’s done now!
  • I set up a new Hackage mirror so FP Complete can retire theirs eventually. I think it’s ready for final testing.
  • I am investigating a performance issue with the new Stackage data bucket. It only affects curators, not regular Stackage users. I’ve been in touch with the service provider and I trust they’ll be able to fix it pretty quickly.

In the next week, I want to officially wrap up the handover :tada: and start on some important followup work. Among the followup tasks, I want to highlight two documentation projects: I want to document the history of my handover effort and the Stackage architecture itself. I am now intimately familiar with Stackage, and I want to share how it works, where it could be improved, and how it affects the stability and reliability of the Haskell ecosystem. For instance, did you know it’s valuable to get your package included in Stackage, even if you prefer to use cabal-install and believe—as I do—that conservative upper bounds on your package dependencies are a good thing™?

That’s all for the log, see you next time.

This week's GHC issue triage notes

(I had another obligation and only stayed for fifteen minutes of the triage session. The GHC team actually triaged a much larger number of tickets than what I’ve listed here.)


Hi @chreekat , thank you as always for the nice update!

I might have missed out on this so apologies if you answered already:


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I intend to keep everything under commercialhaskell for now, which includes several things that aren’t there yet (like stackage-server).

Well first of all, you stumbled on to my test site. :sweat_smile: (Maybe I’ll rename it since it’s misleading.) Stackage continues to live at

Regarding content, links to commercialhaskell are still valid, as you may have now guessed. I know there are some GitHub links to fpco, but some of those point to repos that were already historically migrated to commercialhaskell, so those get redirected on the GitHub side.

Nonetheless, pull requests welcome! The two main repos are stackage-server and stackage-content. These will be included in my architecture documentation.

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