First issue of "Bind The Gap" is out

Made by the great people at Kowainik.


Amusing, interesting and reminiscent of old zines. Thumbs up!


I really like this and I learned a few things as well! (The presentation of MultiWayLambda is very accessible, and I didn’t know about -Wunused-packages).

A few things in particular that I feel we can all greatly benefit from this kind of magazine is some good taste humor and lighthearted fun. As well as getting to know other people in the community via interviews / “hey this person wrote something interesting on twitter” / other ways I haven’t thought about.

It’s obvious Veronika and Dimitrii worked very hard to make this happen and I wish them all the best in this new endeavor. I feel like a lot of good things can come out of it.


Thanks for posting here and saying kind words :hugs: I really appreciate the support and feedback!


Awesome first relase! Are the forthcoming issues going to be free too?
Best wishes!


Thank you!

We were planning to create a free Christmas issue as well, and we actually already started to do so! :christmas_tree:

It is, though, a time-consuming process and not the easiest one, to be honest. So we will see how capable we would be to keep it free yet informative and on the same level.

But definitely wait for one in December!


One option could be to create a “goal” on GitHub sponsors. I imagine the journal process to be a lot of work, and it would seem only fair to involve the community to keep issues free for all. A specific funding goal might help with that.

Asking as a pandoc and publishing nerd: do you plan to keep this PDF-only, or are formats like HTML/EPUB on the railmap as well? Happy to help if I can.

Thanks for this, reading it with a nice cuppa made for such a great afternoon! :tea: :relaxed:

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This is just so awesome! Such a beautifully designed, fun and interesting magazine - I’m sure it’ll reach new audiences too!


Splendid! Also I have a hunch that a pay-as-much-as-you-wish business model could work decently for the magazine. Or a combination of that plus a paid version providing EPUB or handheld-device-compliant PDFs. :slight_smile:

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