By the way, second issue of Bind the Gap is out too!

I certainly don’t want to take the stage instead of the authors, but I didn’t see a post in here mentioning the release of n°2.

To me that’s one of the most cheerful thing that has happened to Haskell over the last weeks, so I am all for giving the authors some publicity.


I really like how fun it is :smile: the overall graphics makes it unique and pretty.

I especially liked ‘the wonderful wizard of os’ article were the authors discuss a project written in Haskell, describing which approaches the developer took and which libraries were useful in creating the software.
I often wish Haskell had more articles that focus on how software is built using Haskell rather than a fancy new language extensions or concepts.

I think the interviews also have a lot of value, as well as covering little things like different ghc options or warning flags, and the baseline section is also really cool! I feel like no one talks about the most basic apis we have nowadays so this is refreshing to see. It would be cool to see where else idioms like On and By can be found in Haskell APIs.

Lastly, the fun section is fun and it’s interesting to see the various solution people come up with for the challenges.


Amen. Or description and development of software written in Haskell.