GHCup says that hls is installed, but I find no generic binary plus VSCode does not find it

I have Haskell installed via GHCup and its tui says HLS is installed:

ghc runs perfectly out of ~/.ghcup/bin, so far so got. But:

  1. I can not find a hls (or even haskell-language-server binary, only versioned haskell-language-server-... binaries.

  2. VS Code cannot find HLS either. Instead it asks me:

What should I do here? And how can I test from the command line whether HLS is properly installed?

Seems VS code want’s you to install the first entry in list ( instead of - this should be fine - I’d try and install it - if this works we can try and figure out why it wants it this way :wink:

Thanks @CarstenK.

I now let VSCode install HLS - and now it seems to use. (At least I can jump from a function reference via “Go to Definition” to where I define the function.)

GHCup’s TUI interface reports now two HLS versions as installed:

Any idea why has one version two ticks and the new one only one tick - despite the fact that is the one VS Code is apparently using?

I think it is linking haskell-language-server-wrapper to the one you set as active

(the first tick is for “installed” and the second one for the one you set as active - all installed should be in ~/.ghcup/ghc/(version)/bin/ or wherever your GHCup installation puts it’s files and ghcup symlinks the set versions to more common names in ~/.ghcup/bin (with simpler versions and without versions - at least that what I think is mostly happening - I’m sure it’ll set additional environment variables etc. to tell cabal, stack etc. what to do but I know almost nothing about that)

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Yep, I can confirm this. VS Code links to a haskell-language-server-wrapper-<version> in the bin directory. I was always looking for a haskell-language-server-<version> link!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!