GitHub-hosted runner for macOS/AArch64

GitHub now hosts a runner for macOS/AArch64 - macos-14. However, it does not yet come with Haskell tools. I have requested that they be added. EDIT: The request was rejected, for reasons set out here. It appears that, previously, Haskell tools were removed from macos-13 on 20 December 2023, following an action taken on 10 November 2023.

I am planning to add this to Stack’s CI, so that macOS/AArch64 releases of Stack no longer have to be built ‘by hand’. EDIT: I have now done this. As an aside, with Stack’s Integration tests GitHub actions workflow, macos-14 appears to be ~ 44% quicker than macos-latest.


The new runners are very low in space (14GB of storage). GHC alone takes around ~2GB. So it makes sense to not provide pre-installed Haskell tools.

The GH Haskell org has 3 self-hosted aarch64 darwin runners.


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Stack for use with one version of GHC requires at least about 5 GB of disk space (the local copy of the Hackage package index requires about 2 GB, on top of GHC). I’ve now added Stack’s disk space requirements to its online documentation.


I have hidden a discussion which was about problems with running Haskell on MacOS in general so that this thread can stay on topic, that is about the new Github runners for MacOS. If any of you want to discuss MacOS problems, please open a new thread.


A pity [that the Haskell tools were removed]! Thanks for the update.