Go get tested! Test your supported GHC versions in GitHub Actions

Hello everyone,

Two years ago I created get-tested, a tool that reads your cabal file, extracts the tested-with stanza and produces a test matrix for GitHub Actions.

It has served me well to this day, but it also recently received a very useful contribution from @turion, who wrote a reusable Github Action for it! I am extremely grateful for this effort.

You can view the instructions here: Test supported GHC versions · Actions · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

I am personally converting my existing projects to using it, and you should too! By doing this, and with the appropriate Dependabot setup, you will receive automated updates to the Action code.

I nourish the project of having it included in the haskell-actions repository one day, and I’ll post an announcement if it happens.

Also, go get tested!


As an aside, I also welcome patches to support other CI platforms, this tool is by no means meant to be specific to GitHub Actions forever!


I use this in all my new Haskell projects and find it very useful.


How does it compare to haskell-ci? As far as I understand, haskell-ci also reads the Tested-With field, and it also can generate code for GitHub Actions.

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No codegen is involved! You do not have to occasionally re-generate your CI file, which means that you can keep all the peculiarities and weird hacks you used to have. This tool only concerns itself with providing a list of OS and GHC versions. Some of which you can still exclude in the action file.