Haskell Foundation DevOps Weekly Log, 2023-03-29

Hello, it’s time for the 37th weekly log!

In my last log, I wrote about my intentions for the upcoming months. In the ensuing discussion, I briefly described a system I have developed for inspecting job logs and mitigating spurious failures in CI.

As it turns out, I have spent the last week continuing to focus on strategy. I am currently drafting a document that will be one part retrospective, one part analysis of progress, and one part request for comment on metrics for tracking CI stability. I am doing this in collaboration with @david-christiansen as we take a little time to think strategically about the past year and future goals. I have intentionally (and with much—sometimes ineffectual—restraint) stayed heads-down during the year, and it’s nice to take a longer view for a bit. The hands-on experience I have gained can now be used to identify effective goals that are aligned with the Foundation’s mission to broaden adoption of Haskell by supporting its tools and ecosystem. Sorry for the corporate-speak there, but it’s actually true that having a clear mission and staying aligned with it is one of the keys to success for any organization. (This kind of thing is really interesting to me!)

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting that document here on Discourse once it’s ready.