Haskell Foundation March 2023 Update

Technical Agenda


Bryan posted five weekly updates in March 2023:

Error Message Documentation

The Haskell Error Index continues to receive high-quality community contributions. Additionally, the release of GHC 9.6.1 on March 10 means that the error index is now supported by the released versions of GHC, GHCup, and Stack.

Technical Working Group

The TWG has focused on coordinating with the other Haskell committees and teams to refine the proposal to decouple base's major versions from GHC’s.

Meeting notes:

Stability Working Group

In addition to the usual topics of discussion, the Stability Working Group has been looking into finding better ways to clarify and communicate expectations surrounding the stability or experimental status of various language and implementation features.

Meeting notes:


GHC Contributors’ Workshop 2023

Together with the OST Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences and the GHC team, the HF is in the process of organizing a workshop on contributing to GHC. During March, a number of speakers confirmed their participation, including Ben Gamari, Sylvain Henry, Cheng Shao, Ryan Scott, and Sam Derbyshire. Applications for in-person participation are open until April 14, while online participation will be free and unlimited.


The Haskell Interlude Podcast released an interview with Ben Gamari.


All of our work is made possible by our individual contributors and our sponsors. Thank you so much for your support. Additionally, we’d like to extend a special thanks to our renewing sponsors this month.

Well-Typed has renewed at the Applicative level. They are a Haskell consultancy with special expertise in GHC development, and they employ many of the developers of core Haskell tooling such as GHC, Cabal, and HLS. The Well-Typed team manages releases, unblocks open-source contributors who get stuck partway into a problem, and facilitates community involvement by triaging issue reports, reviewing merge requests, and reproducing difficult bugs. Their blog is an excellent source of information about their open-source activities. They also provide expert consulting and training services to businesses and academics who use Haskell. Well-Typed contribute back to the community by helping design the Haskell language and libraries, mentoring Summer of Code and Summer of Haskell students, organizing community events, and contributing a significant amount of time and energy to the upcoming GHC Contributors’ Workshop.

MLabs has renewed at the Functor level. MLabs is a consultancy that provides expert services in development with Haskell, Rust, Cardano, and other blockchain systems. MLabs provides services throughout the entire project lifecycle, from specification to development to integration, along with services such as ensuring up-to-date DevOps and deployment best practices. MLabs employ a number of expert Haskellers and pillars of the community.