Haskell Foundation July 2023 Update

Technical Agenda


Bryan was on summer vacation for the last two weeks of July, so there were only two weekly logs posted:

Additionally, he wrote a report about his activities from his first year at the HF.

Security Response Team

The Haskell Security Response Team maintains the Haskell Security Advisory Database, which tracks potential security issues in libraries on Hackage. This database can be browsed manually, and it is intended to serve as a data source for automated tooling in the future. The SRT is interested in collaborating with anyone who wants to build tools on the basis of this data.

The SRT is now officially up and running. That announcement also contains the first quarterly report from the group, documenting its activities since the volunteers first began.

Technical Working Group

The Technical Working Group accepted the following proposals:

Acceptance by the group constitutes either a recommendation that the HF fund a project, or an indication that the committee members believe that the important stakeholders have been contacted on a community RFC and that the project is likely to be helpful for Haskell developers. Additionally, we clarified that an RFC may also be a proposal made in common to multiple Haskell committees (e.g. #51); in this case, the TWG’s vote is considered to be a formality when the relevant committees have accepted it.

Meeting notes:

Stability Working Group

Aside from discussing and coordinating stability-related design questions, the Stability Working Group made further progress on our GHC proposal that seeks to make it easier to discover which language extensions are stable and which are rapidly evolving, and Jappie Klooster, a member of the group, created an example project that demonstrates how to test a project with GHC nightly builds in CI, which should provide another way for the GHC team to receive early feedback about unanticipated breaking changes.

Meeting notes:

Error Message Documentation

The Haskell Error Index continues to receive high-quality community contributions.


GHC Contributors’ Workshop 2023

The edited videos from the GHC Contributor’s Workshop are now available on YouTube. The HF’s professional transcriptionist is busy creating subtitles for all of them - approximately half have been completed, and we expect that the remainder will be subtitled by the end of August.


The Haskell Interlude Podcast released interviews with Bartosz Milewski and Arnaud Spiwack. Additionally, all episodes are now professionally transcribed within a few days of release.


All of our work is made possible by our individual contributors and our sponsors. Thank you so much for your support.