Haskell Foundation November Update

Haskell Foundation November Update

Sponsors Update

Meta has sponsored at the Monad level!

Meta uses Haskell in Sigma, an anti-abuse platform, and Glean, a system for collecting and working with facts about source code. We’ve open-sourced the Haxl framework for efficient and concise data-fetching, and recently the Glean system itself has been released on github. We’re delighted to be able to support the development of Haskell and its community through the Haskell Foundation.





We have started interviewing Haskellers to gather data about what is keeping them from being more productive, as well as what is enabling them to get their work done well.

If you and/or your company are willing to participate, please let me know and we’ll schedule! We generally spend an hour talking while you code, talking through general Haskell things, discussing issues that come up, and occasionally going deep into specific topics.



Haskell Interlude Episode 5 is out, featuring Chris Smith!

But wait, there’s more!

Haskell Interlude Episode 6, an interview with Graham Hutton, is also out!

Big thanks to the Haskell Interlude team for bringing us such great Haskell guests.

Haskell.org Committee Nominations

The Haskell.org Committee is looking for new members!


The old Slack invite link does not work anymore, please feel free to use our new link to join!


  • The DevOps technical track proposal was approved by the HFTT! This shows community support for the HF to provide DevOps resources to GHC, HLS, and many other core projects, tools, and libraries. Next steps are to get HF Board approval for the budget, and then find the resources. This is very exciting, and I think this will improve the Haskell community in many ways.
  • Haskell Language Server 1.5.1 was released! If you haven’t tried it for a while, please give it another shot. Major strides in stability and performance have been made. Some quick links:
  • Amazonka 2.0.0-rc1 was released!
  • We have created a GitHub repository to help the community coordinate volunteering and act as a Speaker Bureau. Check out https://github.com/haskellfoundation/volunteering for more information on how to let people know about volunteering opportunities for your open source project, let project maintainers know you are available to help, and let community organizers know you’re willing to speak.

Executive Announcement

Emily Pillmore has decided to step away from her CTO position starting January, 2022. She has decided to do so in as positive a way possible, opting to stay on in a more advisory role. Despite her departure, Emily remains bullish on the future of the Haskell Foundation, and wishes everyone the best. She intends to continue with all of her leadership roles with respect to the CLC, Cabal, and her various open source projects, leaving room for a new CTO to drive the new Haskell Foundation strategy into the future!