Haskell Foundation October Update

Haskell Foundation October Update


The big news is the announcement of our first official strategy! The next step is to work with Haskellers that meet the profile and figure out what would help their productivity the most given the resources we have available. It is very exciting, and if you are a professional Haskeller and would like us to understand issues that keep you from being even more productive, please reach out.



If you’re interested in what we’re up to, or want to get involved, we have our Haskell Foundation Calendar! Almost all of our meetings are open to the public to attend


Haskell Interlude Episode 3 is an interview with Gabriella Gonzalez!

But wait, there’s more!

Haskell Interlude Episode 4 features Jasper Van der Jeugt!

Our Foundation Task Force

The founding members of the Our Foundation Task Force have been announced, and the first meeting will be held soon.

Haskell Foundation Office Hours

Scheduled for the first Monday of each month, November’s will be on November 1st at 16:00 UTC (9a US west coast) at my Twitch channel.


We recently worked on the Haskell Foundation website to make it easier to maintain and properly data driven using more of the power of Hakyll. Our goal is to make it an example of how to do things correctly for Haskell-powered static websites. Thank you to @Maeevick for doing a ton of the conversion. We would love more help with making the tech better, as well as the design, please let us know if you can help!

Sponsors Update

Last month with the September Seven Month Update Extravaganza I did mention that CarbonCloud was our newest sponsor, but I forgot to tell you about them! CarbonCloud is a climate-tech SaaS scale-up that aims to make a real impact on the climate crisis – they develop an intuitive tool backed by decades of research to food companies who want to calculate their climate footprint. They exclusively use functional programming to enable system growth/scaling and maximum security.

Mercury has generously increased their level of support from Functor to Applicative as they renewed, thank you so much to them!




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