Haskell job at Standard Chartered Singapore

We have one open position for a Haskell (technically Mu, our in-house variant) developer with Core Strats at Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore. This is mid-level role in terms of seniority: Careers | Standard Chartered Bank
You can also find this role in My Careers Future with a salary range (figures in SGD): MyCareersFuture Singapore

My colleague Damian has recently given a talk at the Seventh Func Prog Sweden 2023 where he shows some examples of what we do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xe0ujcThxg

This role is elegible for a remote working arrangement but only from Singapore, and after an initial 3-month in-office period. We cover visa and relocation costs for successful employment applicants.

Note that the first step of the application is a Valued Behaviours Assessment and it is quite important: our team won’t be able to see your application until you pass this assessment.

Feel free to contact us at CoreStratsRoles@sc.com if you have questions about this position, but please make sure to include the word “Haskell” anywhere in your email.


Would you say that this is largely a formality for the majority (e.g. >99%) of applicants?

Looking at these examples, this seems mostly obvious / common-sense stuff. It would literally filter out those who are real, actual A-holes (and don’t even know how to fake being not A-holes) even by 1980 business standards.

Do the questions get any more difficult/tricky than those examples?


The cases I remember once seeing were not so clear cut.

My remark is also so that candidates look out for an email inviting them to the assessment and take it seriously, as my team won’t even be aware of the application until the assessment is done.