Haskell Language Server is now available

The HLS team is pleased to announce the release of Haskell Language Server .

Binaries for this release are available at
Index of /~hls/haskell-language-server- .

All of these tarballs have associated GPG signatures. The signature should be from Zubin Duggal <zubin@well-typed.com> (key ID 588764FBE22D19C4).

The prebuilt binaries in this release support the following GHC versions:

  • 9.2.8
  • 9.4.8
  • 9.6.5
  • 9.8.2


  • Bindists for GHC 9.6.5
  • New hls-notes plugin (#4126, @jvanbruegge)
  • Floskell, hlint and stylish-haskell plugins enabled for GHC 9.8
  • Improvements for hls-graph increasing robustness (#4087, @soulomoon)
  • Improvements to multi-component support (#4096, #4109, #4179, @wz1000, @fendor)

Hurray! I can now migrate my projects to 9.6.5 :slight_smile: Thank you Zubin and the rest of the HLS team!


With some delay, the main ghcup metadata has now been updated: Hls proper by hasufell · Pull Request #215 · haskell/ghcup-metadata · GitHub

This also means this release is now available automatically in VSCode.

GHCup provides its own HLS bindists, which you can also manually download here (including FreeBSD): Index of /ghcup/unofficial-bindists/haskell-language-server/


I think you meant to say: rebase patches, baby sit CI runs, upload 20 bindists, testing them, and, finally, updating the metadata. :relaxed: