[ANN] Haskell Language Server

The HLS team is pleased to announce the release of Haskell Language Server

Binaries for this release are available at
Index of /~hls/haskell-language-server-

These binaries can be installed using GHCup, using the vanilla metadata channel.

ghcup --url-source=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haskell/ghcup-metadata/master/ghcup-vanilla-0.0.8.yaml install hls

All of these tarballs have associated GPG signatures. The signature should be from Hannes Siebenhandl <hannes.siebenhandl@posteo.net> (key ID 9849506453CA97E75F505D054EF829564CA34FC8).

The prebuilt binaries in this release support the following GHC versions:

  • 9.2.8
  • 9.4.8
  • 9.6.4
  • 9.8.2


  • Bindists for GHC 9.8.2
    • Enable many more plugins, making GHC 9.8.2 fully supported
  • Fix refactor code actions for vim
  • Preserve HLint’s diagnostic severity
  • Many other bug fixes.

Just to be clear: GHCup developers advise against using the vanilla channel. This is for expert users, who know what they are doing. These binaries are not rigorously reviewed and maintained by GHCup developers. They’re added as-is from upstream.

The above binaries may also not be ABI compatible with the GHC binaries from the default non-vanilla channel. VSCode haskell extension also relies on the default non-vanilla channel. It’s possible to drive your ghcup toolchain unusable mixing different channels.

Instead it is advised to wait for the proper ghcup bindists.


Thanks to all who worked on this!

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GHCup metadata has been updated: Add HLS · haskell/ghcup-metadata@900bd36 · GitHub

Unofficial bindists are here with better platform support: Index of /ghcup/unofficial-bindists/haskell-language-server/